Glue-on Enamel Art Necklace

This is a truly simple and unique necklace made with our new enamel creating pieces. These pieces come in many different styles and colors. Each pack includes matching set of enamel pieces and findings. There are over 30 styles to choose from, with various color choices for each style.

Additional supplies you will need on top of the enamel creating pieces are: 0.7mm tiger tail wires, glue, end tubes, clasps, jump Rings.

Cut 2 pieces of 0.7mm tiger tail wire each measures
15 3/4″ and 17 3/4″ in length.

With your desired order, arrange the enamel pieces
into two layers.

Flip all the enamel pieces in its own position, this will make sure that the pattern is in sync with what you had arranged earlier.

Slide all the enamel pieces accordingly onto the wires.

Dot all the loops on the back of the enamel pieces with super new glue.

Glue the end tube to each side of the necklace, and add the clasp.

And, there you go! A beautiful necklace for you to show off!